When we talk about giving women more platform, more opportunity, more gear, more money, we are constantly bombarded with the notion that because men currently dominate the sports world, then that’s the way is should be — that the free market has played out and landed us where we are…

The Importance of New Feature Launches

As a product manager, I’ve learned that sometimes the hard work my team and I put in for months behind the scenes can go to waste without a properly planned launch; that hours of dev work can boil down to just 2 minutes when determining the success of a new…

A post that has nothing to do with Taylor Swift, and everything to do with generations of binaries and boxes society has put on all of us.

Take a step back for a second and distance yourself from the name, “Taylor Swift.”

Ask yourself, what’s more believable?

One of the greatest poets of the 1800s (who mainly wrote about love and heartbreak) had:

A) ~10 public, high status, heterosexual, 2–6 month long relationships

B) 1–4 unrequited loves…

Posted on my Instagram Story, June 2020

To my hockey friends —

Over the course of my 20 years and thousands of times on the ice, I could probably count the number of black people I’ve played with on 1 hand and I’m sure you could too. This is unacceptable.

“Remember this day forever!”

Donald Trump incited a domestic terrorist attack and an attempted coup. We saw, very clearly, white privilege on full display, live on national television. I sit here, like most Americans, feeling overwhelmed, helpless and outraged.

But we can’t forget what also happened today. Stacey Abrams flipped Georgia blue.

And let’s be clear — it wasn’t flipped in two months. It wasn’t flipped by Abrams alone. It was flipped after a lifetime of dedication from John Lewis, over a DECADE of Abram’s unnoticed hard work, little victories, and a hell of a lot of persistence.

Trump is a coward. The white supremacists/ domestic terrorists we saw today are his sheep. And we will just continue to fight/kneel/stand/sit/protest/educate/march for justice and liberty for all.

Don’t underestimate the little steps, the little conversations. Change and progress is already here. And it will continue to come.

How unsatisfied users can be better than quiet users

When creating products we sometimes strive for a result where the user is so satisfied, they’re silent. And when that holds true — when we observe no feedback along with high user adoption on a new product — it can be a cause for celebration. …

Ellie DeCaprio

Big Picture Thinker & Common Ground Seeker

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